Friday, June 27, 2008

Update on us:

Well I haven't been blogging lately because our life is so incredibly hectic right now. Actually, I HAVE been blogging just not here. Mary (my youngest sister) and I have been blogging about our weight loss on I have lost 20 pounds so far! Hooray!

Ok on to our hectic life. We've had our house on the market for 2 months. We've had FOUR people look at it. So depressing. No offers or anything. Jason is working in WV during the week and living with a guy he works with. We see him on the weekends, usually. The kids and I are at my mom's house because the stress of keeping the house clean while I was home alone with three kids was about to send me into the looney bin. We miss our friends at home and hate that we're away, but where is home now anyway? I feel like we're practically homeless. Our house is for sale so its not the way we lived in it. Most of our belongings are in storage except for furniture. And a great deal of our furniture is in storage too!

Bah. Its just depressing. Hopefully our house will sell and this will all be over soon. We're getting ready to drop the price, which means we'll be having to take out a loan to close when the time comes. HOPEFULLY the time will come soon.