Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What to do with an unruly child?

What did I do to deserve this? (Don't answer that Mom!)

My friend Tracy used to lament to me over how her son would just get into EVERYTHING. And I would always (secretly) say to myself "Well there must be something wrong with her kid because MINE don't do that kind of stuff!"

Hrumph. God got me for that one, let me tell you.

Jeremy, my youngest, is payback for thinking such a thought! He is CONSTANTLY into EVERYTHING! Yesterday he filled the bathroom sink to overflowing with water and managed to get a good 1/4" of water all over the bathroom floor. He regularly takes chairs into the kitchen and climbs up on the counters to get into the cabinets.

Today he was yelling "I'm making popcorn!" and I decided to go see what he was doing... yeah he had gotten a bag of frozen DEER MEAT out of the freezer, somehow managed to open it (it had been sealed with the vacuum sealer!) and was happily playing with chunks of raw deer. Yuck.

Clean that up, not an hour later I hear what sounded like beads being dumped out on the floor. Thought to myself "hmm thats funny, I didn't know they had beads" and didn't do anything til Nathan started screaming "JEREMY IS THROWING DOG FOOD AT ME!"

Yep. Jeremy got the bucket of dog food and dumped it all over the floor. Then was picking it up, two fistfulls at a time, and throwing it at his brother!


I'm sorry Tracy, and God. I have put my foot in my mouth.