Saturday, May 19, 2007


That is the question on the lips of every four year old. Well, at least mine. I recall wondering a year or so ago if we were in the 'why' stage. I can now say, with certainty, that when your child is in the 'why' stage you WILL know!

'Mama, why do policemen carry little guns?' (As opposed to Daddy's big hunting guns I suppose)
'I don't know Hunter, why do you think?'
'To shoot little bad guys?'
'I think thats probably why'

The 'why' questions continue all day long, particularly while we're driving.

'Mama, why are you stopping?'
'Because the light is red.'
'Why is the light red?'
'So the other cars get a turn to go across the road'
'If you don't stop will the policeman get you?'
'Yes, and he has before and it cost us $150.'
'Why does it cost money to not stop at the light?'
'Because the law says to stop.'
'Why is there a law?'

Its aggravating but its also very entertaining and I love seeing the little wheels in his head turning.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I'm back and the kitchen is clean

So last week during a thunderstorm our computer was fried by lightening! It was terrible, I went over a week without the internet. I wish I could say I caught up the housework during that time but instead I learned that its not just the computer that keeps me from doing housework. I just don't like doing it and I will avoid it, with or without excuses. I manage to maintain things but the house is never spotless. I envy the housewives I see on Wife Swap who keep their house meticulously clean. Who has that kind of energy and motivation? Its very defeating to clean with three little monsters coming along behind me tearing things up just as I put them straight.

Several days ago I had an epiphany. Although the boys tear the rest of the house apart, they don't create havoc in the kitchen. They don't dump dirty dishes in the sink and they don't clutter up the counters. AH HA, says I. I can keep the kitchen clean! So today is day three. I've been keeping the kitchen nearly spotless, washing dishes regularly throughout the day and keeping the counters wiped down. Its very refreshing, when the rest of the house looks like a tornado has just gone through it I can go sit at the kitchen table and enjoy the tranquility of ONE clean room. My goal is to keep it up for 21 days, thats how long they say it takes to form a habit.