Monday, December 19, 2011

Stuff about recent...

I'm not sure what I'm blogging about today so I'm just going to start typing and see where it takes me.

This weekend we went to visit my family in Rocky Mount, VA to celebrate Christmas with my brothers and sisters and parents. On the way down, my youngest son Jeremy asked me "Who is the girl at Grandma's house who just got back from the centipedes?" He meant Mary, who just recently returned from a mission in the PHILLIPINES but I guess he remembered it by the similar sounding creepy crawly thing. I was going to say insect, but I thought insects only had 6 legs so I have no idea what a centipede actually is...

So I just went into the kitchen to find something to eat for breakfast and saw bagels so I decided to have one of those. So there's some sort of Murphy's law about food and husbands I've decided. Chris, my husband, likes to have bagels for breakfast. If I buy one bag of bagels, he will eat them every day and we will run out of bagels. However, if I buy TWO bags of bagels to prevent running out of bagels, he will not eat bagels in the morning and they will go bad. I can not win!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

One more thing..

I just have to add how proud I am of my husband and his amazing weight loss transformation. Now, I shall reveal photographs of him which demonstrate this transformation. And he will probably be rather displeased with me for posting them online. So without further ado, or before I get caught....
Chris on his 32nd birthday, 2010
Chris on his 33rd birthday, 2011, 60 pounds lighter

Year-End Update

I tend to forget about blogging a lot, but every now and then I wander back to it. So I will recap our year's adventures here and who knows, maybe I will blog tomorrow too!!

Well I said in a earlier blog post, I got married to a wonderful man back in March. It was awesome and just how I wanted it to be. I told Chris when we met that he would have to ask the boys if he could marry me, so he did and they said yes! We went to Buffalo, NY for an SCA event and then on Sunday after the event we went to a little church in Niagara Falls and got married! It was small, wonderful, and my dress cost $99. That was the best part IMO. Everyone looked so great, the boys all wore suits, it was a happy time.

We went to lots of SCA events this summer with the highlight being Pennsic. The boys and I also did Laura Camp this year once again with my family. Unfortunately Chris had to work so he was unable to join us. We also got to go to a Baltimore Orioles game with Chris' work and we got to watch the game from a box I guess its called? There was catered food and free drinks and it was REALLY nice. Chris says now we have set the bar really high and the boys will never be satisfied with going to see a ball game in the "regular" seats now!! Here we all are with the team mascot who came to visit in the box.

I was also lucky enough to be able to go to scout camp at Camp Rock Enon with Hunter and the other boys from his pack. It was a lot of fun and there Hunter became friends with Riley, his first ever real friend! They are still friends now and it is so cute. I was also asked to be the Tiger Cubs den leader, which I agreed to do and I have been LOVING doing all kinds of fun activities with the tigers!

I have also been continuing my education working towards my Bachelors of Science in Accounting and Business Administration at Shepherd University. I am happy to announce that I have ONE semester to go and I will be finished with my degree! I am even happier to announce that by the grace of God I have been offered a job already, with good pay and benefits and I can't WAIT to get started, but that won't be until next fall. I have become involved at school by helping start the Accounting Club at Shepherd. I was actually nominated and voted in as President so I am now the President of the Shepherd accounting club!!

I have also volunteered every year that the boys have been in school to help out, but have never been contacted. However, this year ironically, I finally heard something and was made Nathan's first grade room mother! So on top of everything else, I've been the room mother for Nathan's class and have had the opportunity to go in to the school and do fun activities and crafts with the kids! They are so cute and I love it!!

In news of the boys, Hunter and Nathan are both in cub scouts. Hunter is a bear and Nathan is one of my tigers. They are both LOVING scouts, Hunter has really gotten into it after attending scout camp this summer. He often wants me to come go through his bear requirements at night when he's in bed reading, and his Christmas list is nothing but camping equipment out of the scout catalog! He is also very interested in the SCA and still does youth fighting when we are able to pull it off. He seems to take an interest in whatever me, Chris or his dad are doing and is very much interested in fighting, ice hockey, ice skating and hunting. However he doesn't limit himself to those activities, he as actually learned to use the sewing machine and has sewn himself several pieces of garb for the SCA this year!!

Nathan has been placed on an IEP and is doing significantly better this year in first grade in contrast to the difficulty last year in Kindergarten. He really enjoys going to school and has made some friends there, which is very exciting! He also has several friends in Tiger cubs that he really enjoys being able to visit at scouts. He has a pet hamster named Debbie, who is a boy, that he got last year for his birthday. He really loves animals and is very good with his hamster. He is also interested in video games and loves doing craft projects.

Jeremy started kindergarten this year and is definitely the social butterfly of the three boys! He has made all kinds of friends at school and when I've gone in to the school to pick him up he often has to give hugs to several girls before he is able to leave. Uh oh!! He seems to be Hunter's little shadow and wants to do everything his big brother does. He also enjoys crafts and has made me several cute craft projects over the year which I have stowed away for safe keeping! He is also our family comedian and keeps everyone laughing with the off-the-wall things he says and does. Its very difficult sometimes to discipline him for something that is inappropriate yet extremely funny!

And finally our latest addition to the family, Chris! Chris works for American Suzuki Motor Corporation at his office in Mechanicsburg, PA. He drives 1 1/2 hours each way to work every day, a sacrifice he decided he was willing to make in order to be married and live together as a family. In my opinion, and the boys, he is the best step-dad ever! He treats the boys like they were his own and is such a blessing to me and to them. He has also just recently accepted a position in our cub scout pack as the Webelos den leader and I am SO proud of him for doing that. I know he will do a great job with them and I am so happy that I have married a man that is willing to give of his time and serve others! He also is the Knight Marshal of the heavy fighting for our SCA group, which means he is in charge of the fighters and holding the practices. He also coached the t-ball team that I managed this spring, which was no small feat!!

I think that about covers us for this year. Have a happy holiday season!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oops I forgot....

I forgot to blog. For well over a year.

So this is what I've done since my last post:
  1. I got hitched to a wonderful man in Niagara Falls (I also brought him home with me).
  2. I managed a T-ball team.
  3. I became a tiger cub den leader
  4. I found 9 stray kittens (no I didn't keep them)
  5. I cleaned my house once or twice.
  6. I made straight A's in college
  7. I became a senior in college
  8. I declared my Accounting/Business double major
  9. I went to Pennsic.... twice...
  10. I've hugged my boys 3,495,473,999 times.
  11. I was an adult leader at Cub Scout resident camp
  12. I went to New York City.
  13. I lost 30 pounds... and gained most of it back.
  14. I quit an unmentionable dirty habit.
  15. I bought a new van because my old van's transmission died on my way to school.
  16. I got an ipad.. sort of.. (Its actually Hubby's work's ipad)
  17. I wanted to say I learned how to manage my time... but I didn't. Because I'm doing this right now instead of working on schoolwork.
Maybe I'll blog again before another 1 1/2 years go by.. We'll see...