Friday, February 26, 2010

Our space ship houses

So when Nathan gets big we are going to have houses that are very close to each other. His house is going to be made out of metal and mine is going to be next door. There will be skeleton hands and if y0u take out the skeleton hands the ship won't work because the house can turn into a ship. Inside the ship thats also a house are invisible hands. You don't even have to dress yourself because of the invisible hands. If you don't want to cook dinner the invisible hands will do that too and it only takes 1 second to make dinner. The flowers on my ship will be in dirt but they will never need water because I don't remember to water them. And even when my ship is flying the dirt and flowers stay there. And my house can make flowers for all of my friends.

If I want a baby Nathan is going to make me a baby girl. He's going to start with the brain and make a baby and its going to be a girl because I'm a mom and I like babies. He's going to use his bridge power with his wand to carry heavy stuff.

Nathan will spray me with the invisible spray so that nobody else can see me. But he can see me because he has the special glasses. But if he loses his special glasses he will get the special invisible seeing people power and he will still be able to see me. And if I want to become visible again he's going to spray me with a hose.

We are going to all have walk through power, so we can walk through anything. Nathan is going to be so generous he is going to give everyone walk through power when he's big, except for Jeremy.

If I grow up and have shape power I can change to any shape head I want to be, and then my face will be different.

When Nathan gets big and we live next door to each other in our space ship houses, if I want to hold him like I do now he is going to turn back into a little kid so that I can hold him.

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