Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Nathan Chronicles, part 1

I figure if you can't beat them (ok I don't really mean BEAT I am not beating my children!) laugh about them right?

So, Nathan is by far the most trying of my children. On a daily basis he sweeps through the house emptying bookshelves, dumping out toy bins, chasing his brothers with pins (yes, pins.. from my sewing pincushions. Didn't you know they're little tiny swords?!?!) dumping his drinks on the table, throwing his food on the floor.. it never ends.

So I thought I'd chronicle his latest tricks. I know one day, a long long time from now, I'll look back and laugh-- right?

Lucky for me I have a built in alarm system, which we affectionately call "Hunter". The Hunter is always on the look out for foul play. He is quick to sound his alert when he finds something awry--'MAMA! MAMA! Look what Nathan is doing!' is generally the warning call.

So I am sitting here (on the computer, shame shame on me) and I hear the Hunter go off, something about eggs. EGGS! I stop everything and make a RUN for the kitchen. Sure enough, Nathan has found something more fun than hosing down his brothers with the toilet diaper sprayer-- EGGS! They're like water balloons with a crunch! He is throwing eggs all over the kitchen floor. I just about lost it. I didn't know what to say. I just kept asking him "What are you doing?!?!?!?!" And his reply? "I'm throwing eggs on the floor"
Shouldn't that be perfectly obvious Mom?

So I have him clean up the shells and then tell him to go play in his room. What could I do? If I had him clean up the eggs themselves he probably would have had more fun smearing them all over the kitchen floor than he did smashing them there in the first place.

I just can't wait for Jeremy to start causing mischief.

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MarysCwby said...

Oh...WOW... being a mother must've strengthened you because how did you keep your COOL?!?!?! I would've screamed! *sigh* but your blogs are funny though, I <3 your kids!