Saturday, July 14, 2007


I'm really starting to wonder. I think the entire insect population of King William county has moved into my backyard, and more specifically my garden, pool, and back porch waiting to enter my house!!!

The garden is overrun with bugs. I have aphids and squash bugs COVERING my tomato plants. Squash vine borers completely wiped out my zucchini plants and tried their darndest to take care of the pumpkins. Some little black beetle looking bugs destroyed every ear of corn. Japanese beetles are EVERYWHERE. I am still trying to garden organically but I have a bag of sevin dust AND a bottle of spray and I am soooo tempted to use it.

Then there is the pool. I can't find a cover for this pool in the entire greater Richmond area! I spend 15 minutes a day doing circles in the pool skimming out carcasses, its just disgusting.

And flies..... ewwwww nasty flies. They SWARM our back door just waiting for an opportunity to zip in, and you can imagine with three little kids how often our door gets opened. Yesterday morning Nathan was getting ready to eat his cereal and a fly landed in it and started swimming around. Nathan was trying to get out of having to eat it anyway so it didn't break his heart.

I read somewhere on the internet about hanging ziplock bags full of water by the doorway to deter the flies so we are trying that. It looks pretty funny but hey at this point we'll try ANYTHING! I smartly decided to hold the door open after we installed the bags to see what would happen and about 10 flies zoomed past me into the kitchen. Smart girl I are.

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