Friday, July 13, 2007

Out of comfort zone experiences

Today we ventured over to the mall, Regency Square mall to be precise. We're not usually mall-goers but Jason lost his precious 4 year old Oakleys and just HAD to get a new pair so off we went in search of the perfect glasses. Fortunately we found them and $99 later he can now face the daylight again.

The mall is an interesting place. I feel so incredibly out of place there. Almost akin to being in school again, the experience is as if I were to have taken my lunch tray and plopped down at the "popular kids" table and expected everyone to have smiled and said hello. I don't know why I feel like everyone is staring at me and my kids. I don't dress my kids up for ANYTHING-- even our occasional visits to church. My kids look like they've come straight from the playground than from the baby gap runway like most of the other kids we come across in the mall. Well, and then there's me. I'm no supermodel mom, ha! But I feel like all eyes are on me and it makes me squirm. Why is it? I'm sure they're not actually watching me, wondering what I'm doing in their territory. Or are they?

People grow older but they never change. Social circles, cliques, outcasts-- they still exist and some even get more barbarous over time. As a child what made me think that becoming an adult would break down those social barriers? Childhood innocence I suppose.

Several years ago- I don't remember when exactly, I came to the stunning yet ridiculously obvious realization that the only difference between adults and children are the number of years they have been living on the earth. Age in no way, shape, or form equals maturity.


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