Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Its criminal... or it should be..

In my quest to eat healthier and to feed my kids healthier there is an aisle in the grocery store which completely disgusts me. The entire aisle is full of colorful boxes touting "whole grains!" "lowers cholesterol" "9 essential vitamins!" I bet you guess which aisle I'm getting at.

YES the cereal aisle! Full of cartoon characters pimping themselves on boxes of sugar, sugar and more sugar. Aimed at what audience? Children! MY children, OUR children. Its disgusting. Some of these cereals contain up to 30% sugar! And have you seen the recent cereals that came out with the big slogan on the box saying "25% less sugar!" Yaay. Good for you. 25% of 30 is still 22.5% sugar!!!!!! Its criminal, it truly is. And the worst part? Well meaning parents see these slogans "whole grains!" "25% less sugar!" and think they are doing well by their children! Oh my, oh my. Its no wonder that childhood obesity is at an all time high in our country. Look at what we're feeding our children! The sugar addiction begins in toddlerhood with these sugar laced "cereals". Over half the children in America before 9 a.m. have already had a mega dose of sugar. No wonder so many children are diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. They are all hyped up on sugar!

And don't even EVEN get me started on pop tarts, another "easy" breakfast for busy parents, located for purchase on the same aisle......


AmyJ said...

Or the plain white WonderBread that says "Excellent Source of Calcium" on it?! While it might contain a fair amount of calcium, there are far too many things about it that disqualify it from being an excellent source for anything - EXCEPT refined carbohydrates and chlorine bleach.

MarysCwby said...

*busts out laughing at Sarah's irony* please refer to my comment on your "New Beginning" post I think it was... <3

and go look at the Ren Faire pictures! (check my blog) And yay for your high speed! And we ARE still on for Tenn Ren Faire in May, correct?!?!