Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ren Garbing

Are you the kind of person who watches a medieval era movie and then says to themselves-- I was born in the wrong time, I would have LOVED to have lived back then. Well, thats me. And my sister. And apparently many others across America due to the many Renaissance Faires and SCA's and such.

Sooo sister Mary has been going to Renaissance faires dressed in garb and I decided that I MUST get in on that action. So I've been sewing like mad creating garb for myself and the munchkins to go to the NC Ren Faire next month in Cary, NC. Here's a bit of what I've accomplished so far:

The bodice... I was so excited about it. I thought it would look so glamorous. I thought the fabric that I chose was PERFECT.. however, now that it is finished it looks like an 80's vest and I am *not* happy with it. It only took me about 3-4 hours to sew which wasn't bad considering it was my first ever. It has 3 layers- the outer is a home dec upholstery fabric. The hidden inner layer is some heavy duty canvas to give it some incredible body. The innermost layer is a lightweight twill. I am hoping it will look better with the grommets on it but I have to wait to do that because I don't have a grommet press. It also takes grommets at the shoulders-- the shoulders are currently safety pinned. I used duct ties-- gigantic, industrial zip ties which come in 36" lengths. I read about using those for boning on the Renaissance Festival site's sewing forum. They work great and are nice and stiff.

The little shirt is a t-tunic. I made one for each of the boys. They turned out really cute. I didn't use a pattern I just used generic t-tunic instructions found on the web to give me an idea. I did do a lining inside the neckline so I didn't just have raw fabric there-- turning it under would have looked bad and been a pain in the butt. So there you have it. My so-far garb.

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