Monday, March 3, 2008

I've found my niche...

Ok two niches actually. First of all, I'm REALLY enjoying web design. I'm taking a web design class from JSRCC right now and I am loving learning to write code correctly. I have spent the last couple of days working on this site for Jason's hunting club. It is also redirected from but its a trick. It says it will redirect you but it doesn't, you have to click the link. I haven't figured out how to get it to do that yet. I even designed the banners and buttons in photoshop! Go me!

My OTHER niche is these books. I LOVE THEM! I decided to start selling them instead of becoming my friend Jill's biggest customer. They are highly educational. They are printed on paper from sustainable forests (which means they don't hack the whole thing down) They remind me of the DK books if you are familiar with those. Homeschoolers love them. The best part is that after I submit $120 in sales I don't have to buy anything else ever if I don't want to, and if I go inactive all I have to do is submit an order to reactivate myself.

The books are AMAZING. I will have to post some pictures. The pages, even in the paperback books, is nice and thick. They have some really neat books like the "Things to Make and Do" series. We have the Knight book of Things to Make and Do and Hunter loves it. The best part about it is that instead of having a book of things to punch out or cut out and color like most activity books these days where really, where is the creativity in that? These books give ideas and directions how to make things ALL ON YOUR OWN. Imagine!

So anyway, I created this very basic yet direct banner to put in my signature on the forums that I visit. I'm hoping to drum up a little business from there, not really to make money but really to spread the word on how great these books are!

(The banner will take you to my website for online ordering, by the way! ;) )

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