Thursday, February 28, 2008

I feel like a thief!

...because I got a STEAL! I just bought a bike trailer for $25!!!

We've been looking at/thinking about buying a bike trailer for awhile. We both need exercise and we have these nice bikes we bought in Japan but haven't been able to ride them together in years because we keep having kids.

Soooo I went to Walmart today (I know, UGH, don't usually go there but needed fabric and didn't want to drive the hour to downtown Richmond for Jo Anns) and as I was headed to the fabric department I passed a small section of clearance toys. I was trying to speed past so the kids wouldn't look and thus start the chorus of "I wants" but I happened to glance over and saw a large box with a $25 sticker. Imagine my delight when I took a closer look and realized that it was a BIKE TRAILER! I snatched the box up immediately and then spent a good 2-5 minutes finagling it into the cart trying not to squish Nathan. Fortunately I had decided to use the "Oldest pushes the youngest in umbrella stroller" technique or I would have had a kid in the basket and then I guess I would have strapped the bike trailer to my back because I was NOT leaving without it. Called Jason to get the 'ok' although I'm not sure why, I would have bought it regardless of what he said. I guess because I wanted him to rejoice with me. Of course he said fine anyway.

I was a little worried that it would be missing some pieces, the box was pretty dinged up and it looked like it had been taped closed again several times. I figured I'd do like I always do and call the manufacturer to complain if parts were missing. So I got home and got to putting it together--it was actually quite easy to assemble and ALL THE PARTS WERE THERE! HOORAY!

The boys couldn't WAIT to go for a ride in it so I got to find out real quickly just how out of shape I am. Now hopefully with my new bike trailer my butt will start getting smaller. That would be nice.

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