Sunday, March 16, 2008

Still kickin..

I'm still out here. Haven't been blogging as much lately because things have been crazy hectic recently. We are just hanging in there- kids driving us nuts, as usual. Dog making us crazy, as usual. Speaking of- she landed herself in the pokey last week. She took off, as usual, when she realized that she was free. I didn't chase after her because that just makes her run more so I waited for her to come back.. hours went by, no dog. Loaded the kids up in the car and drove around the neighborhood calling her-- still no dog. So went about my day, figuring she'd show up. Later that day, still no dog... ok you get the idea. By bedtime I was pretty depressed because of course I assumed that our dog must HATE us and she ran away.

So first thing the next morning (when I was supposed to be leaving for mom's) I call the vet/pound-- the vet IS the pound in King William County--and SHE IS THERE! Hooray! Well they tell me to bring her rabies certificate-- no problem! Uhh oops yeah. There is a problem-- unbeknown to me the FIRST rabies vaccination is only good for a year. I haven't had a young dog in a long time so I just ASSumed that it was good for 2 years. Sooo her rabies were out of date. CRAP! Can the vet/pound vaccinate her then? NO, the vet/pound doesn't have a vet on duty! What the heck? I thought you were the VET/pound. Soooo I had to go pick up Maggie and drive her 5 miles down the road to another vet, get her vaccinated and take her back to prove that she has been vaccinated. All with three kids in tow. Did I mention the three kids before? Yes I had to drag all of them along. Nathan took a donation box at the vet/pound and stomped on it-- shattering it. How embarrassing. Fortunately they were understanding and didn't even make a sarcastic comment. I probably wouldn't have been able to hold it together as well.

So anyway. That dog is a pain in our butts a lot of the time but I love her. Jason begs to 'put her on craiglist' every day but NO WAY she is a part of our family. It makes me so happy when Hunter draws a picture of our family, he always puts Maggie in the picture even if he doesn't like her and says that if he looks at her nose while he's eating he'll throw up. <3

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MarysCwby said...

Awwww... Hunter is so sweet. And strange... o.O

HAHAHAHA! I'm so sorry but daggone that Nathan! Shattering donation boxes, what WILL he think of next?!