Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Seriously unbelievable!

So I was in Walmart today (possibly my first mistake-- but its th eonly place in town they sell bernat softee chunky yarn which is so cheap and so nice!) and this lady comes up to me. I'm thinking she works there because she was wearing a blue shirt and tan pants and didn't have a cart or anything but she had no name tag.

She says a comment I'm used to hearing: "All boys huh?"
Me: "yep, all boys" (then try to keep on my way, its past lunchtime and naptime)
Lady: "You're helping out the male population, it seems like everyone has a string of girls nowadays"
Me: "Yep. Good for me" (continue moving away..)
Lady: "Are you going to try for a girl?" (another typical comment)
Me: "I don't know. Not now." (keep on moving but am being FOLLOWED, not going too quickly as not to be rude...."
Lady: "Well have you tried different positions?"
Me: "uhhhhhhhhh i have heard about that" (getting really red in the face now and STILL Moving in the opposite direction, not wanting to discuss my SEX LIFE with this stranger!)
Lady: "Well do you remember what position these were conceived in?"
Me: "Ummmm NO!"
Lady: "Well I've heard that doggy style makes girls and lying on your back makes boys"
Me: "Really." (Moving away quite quickly now but lady is STILL in persuit, me looking around to see if any of the other shoppers in the vicinity happened to notice this woman discussing DOGGIE STYLE with me in Walmart!!)
Lady: "Maybe you can try that next time"
Me: "Yeah. uhhhh bye."

OMG! I walked away as FAST as I could! I COULD NOT BELIEVE THAT! I wouldn't believe it if it didn't happen to me! WHO DOES THAT? WHO WALKS UP TO A COMPLETE STRANGER AND ASKS THEM ABOUT THEIR SEX LIFE???? And worse, tells them about DOGGIE STYLE! IS it even legal to SAY doggie style in Walmart?!?!? ISn't that sexual harrassment or something???


SuperMom said...

HOLY CRAP!!! I would have screamed or something...yell RAPE! I dont know if that is sexual harrassment but it's sure dang close....You should say None of Your G*D D*** business CRAZY LADY!!!! and RUN away!! :) Hope that helps!!

MarysCwby said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! And Becca' comment made me laugh harder!!!! Next time yell "RAPE!!!" I'm sure THAT'll do it. xP

Poor Sarah!