Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hmm... milestones you say?

No, it never even occurred to me that Jeremy is nearing 7 months now and maybe he should be doing something other than acting like a newborn. Its not that he can't, its just that my life is so hectic trying to keep up with three boys and a dog that I hadn't even thought about putting him on the floor to play... usually I'm just lucky if I can keep his brothers from landing on him and the dog from slobbering all over him and his toys.

So I pull out a copy of "What to Expect the First Year" (most of which I think is a bunch of crap but they're our official "toilet reading" books while raising children) and flip to the six month section. Hmm, he should be sitting on his own- check. Protesting when a toy is taken away? Oh yeah I think he was born knowing there would be competition in our house because he's been doing that since day 1. He could be pulling up by now? Whaaa? Oh yeah, now that I think about it, Hunter was doing these things since he was the only child and I had lots of time to push him to grow up too fast. Now I'm pulling in the reins, whoa kids, slow down I'm not ready for you to be independent!

So I put Jeremy on the floor today with toys, amazingly he scoots all over the place and seemed to really enjoy himself. So I bust out the leapfrog learning drum, all the kids have loved it even as they've gotten older. And you know what happens when you get out a "new" toy? Time to pull out the boxing gloves, those kids will FIGHT for it. Well somehow I managed to get them to "share" and so we had a drum circle going on. I just hope if they do this when they're older there is no ganga involved....

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