Monday, March 19, 2007

No more internet addiction

I'm breaking the cycle. I've spent years (literally) sitting in front of the computer, wasting time, wasting my life away. Missing out on the important things like interacting with my children. I'm stopping it now. I'll occasionally blog but for the most part, the computer is OFF in this house. I haven't been on the internet in almost a week and I'm only on now to get some mystery quilt instructions. No more internet for this gal. My life has been SO much more meaningful since I haven't had my rear planted here.

Peace out.

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Rachel said...

Way to go Sarah! I wish I could do the same--I am so undisciplined in this area :( I need to do the fly-lady 15 minute thing, where I set a time for 15 minutes and then shut the darn thing OFF!