Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Its camping season!!!

And WE are the proud new owners of an 89 Coleman Sun Valley pop up camper!!! We've been looking for one for awhile and my wonderful husband found this one on craigslist the day after we'd spent hours at a camper dealership getting a headache over $14,000 campers and 12% financing for 10 years. We weren't sure what to do but we knew we wanted a camper, and BAD!

This camper is PERFECT for us. We paid cash (hooray!) and it has plenty of room and lots of storage. We looked at another camper a few weeks ago that was smaller and in worse shape and they wanted $1600 for it. Luckily, they sold it to someone else (who incidentally didn't even get there until AFTER us but I figure now it was fate :) ) So this camper is a LOT better than the one we looked at before AND it was $600 less! She may not be perfect, but she's ours and we love her.


Aristonia said...

OH COOL! And I know YOU guys will actually USE it! :)

Rachel said...

Fun! So are you itching to sew up some new curtains and cushions and such?